How much Dogecoin does Elon Musk own?

In October and July 2021, Elon Musk publicly confirmed that he owns DOGE tokens, as well as ETH and BTC. According to him, he was prompted to acquire Dogecoin by the fact that many of his colleagues at Tesla and SpaceX own these tokens. These people, Musk noted, “are not financial experts or technology specialists from Silicon Valley.” Musk emphasized that he decided to support Doge because it is “the people’s cryptocurrency.” Exactly how many Dogecoin tokens Musk has at his disposal is unknown, but there are speculations about this. So, on February 10, 2021, Musk tweeted that he donated some Dogecoin to GiveDirectly. Some users suspect that the wallet that donated 150,000 DOGE right before Musk’s tweet is owned by a billionaire. There is also speculation that Musk is the mysterious “whale” of Dogecoin, who owns more than 36 billion DOGE – about 28.27% of the total supply of tokens.